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Diary of a pawnbroker Feb 2017

26th January 2017

A customer is for life, not just for Christmas!

Jewellers used to rely on Christmas for most of their annual profit. December was a major month and the Christmas period would gather momentum from mid-October building through to Christmas Eve with the 24th December being the peak day. Many jewellers would expect to do almost a month’s takings in just one day and the fever of last minute shoppers drove the high streets wild.

Shopping habits have changed. Many blame the internet, black Fridays and ever earlier ‘January’ sales but perhaps we are just more organised these days and we seem to make big spending decisions all year around without the need for the desperate last minute rush. This Christmas this year was no exception. Yes it was busier than a normal month and yes we did have some really good days but the ‘fever’ and busyness has changed to just a few last days and the buzz of Christmas seems to have quietened down.

Despite that, our sales are up on the year, lending is higher and the business is building a fine reputation so we are certainly not complaining but I somehow miss the excitement of the last minute shopper who knows they have left it too late and just want to find the perfect gift before Christmas day!

And so to celebrate the move to the online era, has finally arrived…

We still passionately believe that you need to touch see and most importantly ‘feel’ jewellery to find that perfect piece. Anyone who can buy a diamond ring over the internet without seeing it must be driven by perceived value and have a sixth sense that defies all logic.

However as a communication tool and to add comfort to all those wishing to seek some reassurance before they commit to spending, the internet is just so easy and convenient to use.

Bespoke Diamond Jewellery…

So how do you sell bespoke diamond jewellery to people over the internet? The answer is ‘you don’t’!

You have to come in for the one to one experience that is all part of designing and making the perfect piece. Just because you don’t see it in our window, doesn’t mean it cannot be done and basically ANYTHING is possible and at really competitive prices too.

Lending is up and the gold price still gets higher……

On the lending front we continue to grow and meet new customers every week. While the majority are for ‘everyday loans’ of £100-£200 there are some very big loans of £5,000-£30,000. These have mostly been against jewellery, gold and watches but we are willing to consider any items of value. Interestingly our lending was higher than ever before over the Christmas period when it is traditionally a time for people to get their jewellery back out to wear for the festivities. This borrowing would normally come in January when the bills came in so perhaps it’s another sign of the spending getting earlier and the cost now having to be met before the festivities actually begin!

Whether you shop on line or on foot, there are still some charms left to the retail high street and those seeking a more personal and transparent service should visit Brown and Gold at Shipley and Batley or Christopher Brown Jewellers at Shipley. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that some true, honest customer service still exists on the high-street and it will be well worth the visit!

Brown and Gold have 3 branches across the region at Seacroft, Batley and Christopher Brown jewellers in Shipley. For those prepared to travel, you may wish to visit our Liverpool City, Toxteth or Prescot stores.

Call us on 0113 2656029 or visit for further details.

Chris Brown

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